Making a Concious Effort to be Kind

The start of 2015 really got me thinking about what I can do to make the world a better place.  I like to think that being kind is something that comes fairly naturally, however I feel like there’s always room for more kindness. I don’t think kindness is something you can give too much of! So, my new year’s resolution is to find ways to spread love and kindness wherever I go.  I plan to share acts of kindness with people that I love and that I’m close to, as well as people that I don’t know. I believe that we have the power to flip someone’s day for the better or for the worse.  I’m choosing to be someone who changes people’s days for the better.  So, I’m making a commitment to kindness! Stay tuned for ways that I’m spreading love and kindness and ideas for you to try for yourself.  Feel free to share any ideas you have as well!


4 thoughts on “Making a Concious Effort to be Kind

  1. Amanda, Can you come to our Social Skills class and share your website? I think your Commitment to Kindness message is just what we need.


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