No Act of Kindness is Too Small

Over the last week or so, I had the chance to involve two of the students that I work with in spreading a little kindness and hopefully putting some smiles on the faces of strangers.

The first was at a vending machine, where we made an envelope and put a dollar inside.  On the outside of the envelope we wrote, Enjoy a treat on me! Have a great day! -Stranger. We stuck it to the outside of a vending machine.  I was really happy to share this small act of kindness with my student because she thought it was so much fun! She enjoyed this secret that was between us and whatever stranger happened to stumble across our act of kindness.  We went back by the vending machine less than 10 minutes later to find that the envelope was gone! This put a huge smile on our faces! My student talked about this for the next couple of days, sharing with her peers and teachers the story of the vending machine.

The second time that I was able to involve a student this past week was in the grocery store.  There were a bunch of gum ball type machines as you walk out of the store.  I had 3 quarters in my pocket and I turned to my student and said, “let’s put a smile on a little kid’s face”…she looked at me wondering what I was implying.  I handed her two of the three quarters and I put the third in one of the machines. She did the same with her two.  I said, “we’ll leave these here with the knobs unturned and when someone comes to get a gumball, they’ll see that there is already a quarter in the slot and they’ll get a free treat.” She was happy with this and even said that she wanted to go back to the store later in the day to see if the quarters were gone!

My hope is that by sharing these little acts of kindness with my students, they’ll consciously spread some kindness too!

20150126_131331 20150130_105930

5 thoughts on “No Act of Kindness is Too Small

  1. Thank you Amanda for sharing and inspiring others to consciously be kind to others. In the world we live in today it is not often we see or hear of such kindness. This gave me some ideas on how to teach my six year old how to spread kindness as well ❤

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