I Now Crown You, “Zumba Queen”

Today I want to share about an act of kindness that I received from a little girl who has been attending my Zumba classes that I teach.  She seems to be kind of a shy little thing, but has really taken a liking to busting her moves at Zumba.  Earlier this week, she wanted to get up on stage and dance next to me, so I let her hop up there and teach a couple of songs with me! She was so cute.  Today, when she came into the gym for Zumba after school, she ran as fast as she could up to me and held out a piece of paper with a hand written note and a crown that she had made out of paper and tape that was decorated up with beautiful designs! The note was thanking me for teaching zumba. This just melted my heart. I gave her a big hug! Sometimes, all you need is just a little kindness in your day to make everything seem worthwhile.  As I’ve said before, I think that we all have the power to turn someone’s day for the better or the worse…I want to thank my new “Zumba Queen” for making my day!


4 thoughts on “I Now Crown You, “Zumba Queen”

  1. Great blog AP! I love reading each story. Can you imagine the impact on this planet if each of us took your positive and loving approach to life?!?! Thanks for sharing and reminding all of us to commit to kindness each day! Keep it going!!

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