Students at the Diversified Occupations Program Spread the Love

Over the last couple of weeks, students from the D.O. program have started spreading the love at the Middlebury Union High School, Hannaford Career Center and within the D.O. program. They have been leaving note cards in hidden places with a small gift attached to the card for students to stumble upon! The notes vary but all have positive messages on them about spreading kindness and keeping your day positive! This week, maybe you could challenge yourself to do what the students in D.O. are doing! See if you can find a spot to hide a small note or gift with a positive message for someone else to stumble upon! It will make their day…and it will probably make yours too!! Happy hiding!

20150401_091201[1] 20150401_090714[1]

3 thoughts on “Students at the Diversified Occupations Program Spread the Love

  1. Awesome AP! Can you imagine the smiles and great feelings these kids felt when they stumbled upon these wonderful random acts of kindness from total, unseen strangers? You guys rock! Or I should say, Dude, you rock!!

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    1. Dude, Iain Hoefs, you rock too!! I’m hoping that the random acts of kindness that the kids put around the high school really did put some smiles on some faces! That’s the goal, right? Just keep spreading the love!!


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