You’ve got Mail!!

Wow, it certainly has been awhile since I last posted…call it my crazy schedule or lack of inspiration…either way, it’s been way too long! I like to think that I continue on a daily basis to spread the kindness in small ways with smiles to strangers and compliments to friends…but this week I want to make sure that I make the conscious effort to do something to put a smile on someone’s face! So, this week I will be sending out a ton of cards to my friends telling them how much I appreciate them.  I’m also in the process of going through all of my old pictures so that I can print off copies of the silly ones and include them with my note in hopes to put a smile on their faces.  Life gets busy and we go too long without talking to people that are important to us, so I figure by sending them something special, they’ll be reminded of how special they are to me! That’s all for now…I’ve got pictures to print and letters to write!! Maybe you can think of someone in your life that would love a smile caused by you!! Have a wonderful week!


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