We All Need a Little Reminder

Today I stumbled upon a random act of kindness at the Middlebury College library.  In one of the print rooms, there were some individually wrapped cookies, each with an encouraging note to fellow college peers wishing them luck on their finals and asking them to spread the love! When I saw this, I knew I wanted to share it with all of you. As I pulled out my cell phone to snap a picture of this, someone else in the print room wondered why I was taking a picture of such a thing.  I explained that I had a blog about kindness. I could tell that they were not expecting that response and that they might have even found it to be a little bit odd.  But…it got me thinking again about the reason that I started this blog almost a year ago! I guess it was good to have someone question it so that I could have a reminder of what the point was in the first place! The whole reason for having the blog is to remind people that we have the power to flip someone else’s day! It doesn’t take much at all, but it sure can have a huge impact! Just this week, I was on the receiving end of 2 random acts of kindness and they meant so much to me!! Keep your eyes peeled and look for some way to spread the love! Have a wonderful weekend! 20151210_125745

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