Love Bombs

I just stumbled across this video of a man who is “love bombed“. It’s a nice concept! A church group is going out and performing random acts of kindness to strangers in their community and they’re calling it love bombing! In the video, it’s obvious that the man receiving the random acts of kindness is so happy! It didn’t take much to make this man’s day! We always have the choice…we can flip someone’s day for the better or we can make their day worse…which do you choose? I think the Dalai Lama says it best, “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” Go out and make someone’s day, whether it’s someone you already know and love, or a person you’ve never met before, kindness is never wasted!


4 thoughts on “Love Bombs

  1. Nice, he sure looked surprised. It makes me think how simple and painless it is. Like when you give a person in front of you at the register some change so she doesn’t have to put her purchases back. Easy, right Amanda!!


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