Being kind to our planet

Hi everyone, I hope you are all out enjoying today’s beautiful sunshine! As many of you know, I have been working in a Kindergarten classroom this year which has been a lot of fun! Recently we have started an ocean unit with the kids, with a focus on how humans impact our oceans and the sea life in them.  I have learned a ton with the kids.  We have such a beautiful planet, but my heart aches to think about the damage that we do to the earth as well as the animals that live on it.  We watched a video with our class about the Great Garbage Patch of the Pacific Ocean.  It is extremely powerful and I can’t watch it without getting choked up. In a nutshell, tons of garbage is ending up in the ocean. A “garbage patch” in the Pacific ocean is the largest of 5 garbage patches, and it is the size of two states of Texas put together.  A lot of this garbage comes from people just littering on the streets and it eventually washes out into the ocean by way of streams, rivers, drains, etc. I encourage you to watch the video if you get a chance, it is a short clip and won’t take much of your time, but it will probably get your mind working on how you think you might be able to help the issue. To view the video, click here.  As a classroom, we decided that we would like to try to reduce the number of plastic grocery bags that we use, since the kids all learned that sea turtles actually confuse the plastic bags for jelly fish and they will eat them. We will be making our own re-usable bags from old t-shirts, as a class in about a week! Just in case any of you are interested in making your own re-usable shopping bags, you can see the how to video here on youtube. Feel free to share any ideas you have about how we can keep our planet and the animals on it safe and protected! Have a wonderful day!

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