Green Up Vermont

How many of you got out and participated in Green Up day?! If you didn’t go out this past weekend, don’t worry about it, there’s always time to do a little trash clean-up, and it doesn’t have to be done on Green Up day!! We can make any day Green Up day! I got out over the weekend to do some cleaning up, with my mom and a friend.  We filled three huge bags with garbage, just on a short stretch of road! I have noticed trash on the roadsides in other areas of my community that could use a little TLC! Even though we might not think about the impact all of that trash has on the environment, it has a huge impact that we just might not be able to see! The trash that we see in ditches now, will end up in streams, rivers, lakes and then the ocean, where all of the wildlife are affected negatively due the trash.  So, grab a bag and some gloves and head on out! Every little bit of clean-up helps!!


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